H1B Sponsorship/Transfer

TWO95 has successfully sponsored H1B visas for IT professionals throughout our history. We have used the visa sponsorship program to help expand our organization and bring on the highly qualified IT experts necessary to support our clients. We are always looking to find the right IT talent, so if you are a foreign national with at least a Bachelor’s Degree in a specialized field, please contact us today.

TWO95 has become a leader in the IT industry by providing world class services and solutions; and employing the best IT talent available. TWO95 has had ongoing success in hiring highly qualified, expert IT professionals available by adopting stringent hiring processes and in-depth training programs. In order to find these specialized technical resources, TWO95 provides H1B sponsorship to highly qualified individuals who have at least a Bachelor’s in a specialized field and multiple years of experience in information technology.

If you are looking for an H1B sponsor, have at least a Bachelor’s in Computer Science or related discipline, and are interested in lucrative employment as an IT professional please contact us today. We offer competitive salaries and an extensive suite of benefits.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of becoming a TWO95 employee, please visit our careers page.

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