Contract Placement

We understand that there are time-sensitive projects and firm deadlines to meet. Under demanding circumstances, lacking the right IT expert can put a strain on meeting these obligations. In many of these situations, it would be cost intensive to bring on another full time employee. We provide high caliber IT talent to fill contract and project based information technology staffing needs that saves businesses time, effort and hiring cost.  

All businesses have cyclical highs and lows, Two95 International can help you manage these peaks and effectively manage your engineering specialists through these phases by either increasing, or downsizing your workforce as necessary.  Our experienced contracts team is able to provide support to fulfil your business goals and recruitment strategy and can supplement your hiring for project based roles with temporary staff as an alternative. 

As a leading recruitment organization for engineering staff, Two95 International will provide you with the highest quality staffing solutions for your business requirements. Working with us on your contract and temporary staffing needs would consequently make us well suited to find the right permanent candidate for your division, should you decide the position requires a permanent engineering specialist. 

Our recruitment professionals across the globe have the experience and knowledge to understand your engineering requirements, making sure we find a suitable match to your needs. 

What will your organization gain from our Contract Placement service? 

• Increased staffing standards – Because we know the industry, speak the same language and understand your priorities, we will help you find the right contract placement for your projects. By following up regularly, establishing open communication and encouraging feedback, we believe in building and maintaining a healthy professional relationship with both contractors and clients.

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